7 Steps to Successful Systems Implementation

Process improvement and best-practice implementation

Many ecommerce and DTC companies fail to address process and procedure changes that could make the most of the new system faster. This means they are less apt to gain the desired efficiency from the conversion.

So you may need to rethink how the processes and systems that surround the automated systems have to change as the new system is installed.

These process changes will vary with the types of systems. With a warehouse management system (WMS), for example, these process changes may include vendor compliance, reporting of receipts, implementing new methods of picking, inventory cycle counting procedures and so on.

An order management system (OMS), on the other hand, will have a different approach to servicing the customer, management reporting, interface and support of web customers, balancing and interfaces between OMS and accounting, refund and credit processes between customer service, and returns processing.

What existing procedures and systems can you strip away to add efficiency? What new processes and procedures are required or desirable? What best practices should be considered and implemented? These are just as important as a successful implementation of the new system.

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