7 Steps to Successful Systems Implementation

System parameter configurations vs. modifications

One of the most prevalent mistakes that companies make in implementing systems is trying to replicate their existing systems. Modifications increase cost, elongate the implementation timeframe and increase risk. We’ve seen companies insist on modifications only to realize in the first year of operation that there were better ways of using the new system than trying to replicate the old.

Most systems on the market can be configured using parameter switches that set options and give a different personality to the application, allowing it to be implemented in different types of businesses. This allows customizing an application without modifications; that’s not to say you won’t sometimes want or need some modifications.

Many applications have hundreds to more than 1,000 system control switches. The vendor will, obviously, need to train your staff on the system and help you make prudent switch settings.

This is detail work that often takes several weeks of consideration. It’s important to understand the consequences of how a switch is set, then test, and then change the switch setting if necessary and repeat testing.

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