7 Steps to Successful Systems Implementation

Software training and procedures

Probably the most under-planned area is in training and writing procedures. You need to understand that the vendor will provide documentation only about the application and, at best, how the system operates in terms of functionality.

The vendor’s approach is typically to “train your trainer.” From there, it’s your responsibility to develop training materials and approaches for the various departments and the new policy and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are required.

Most companies don’t have full-time trainers. It’s a good idea to train each department manager on the application, and then have them develop the SOPs and set training for their department. All of this will need to be standardized so that the documentation is at the same level of detail across the operational departments.

It generally takes 6-12 months after implementation for companies to start feeling comfortable with the new systems. It may take longer to achieve the ROI from the application. Training is the single most important thing you can do to shorten the learning curve.

Most vendors offer not only the initial training, but also more advanced instruction for super users. Budget for the additional training; it’s the smallest part of the total expense.

And perform a post implementation audit 30 to 60 days after the go-live. Identify the individuals and departments for which additional training is necessary.


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