Thanks Amazon for Taking Care of My TV

Content Manager

This past weekend I moved out on my own from my parent’s house into a small apartment here in Connecticut.

With a new apartment came a new flat screen TV, (my birthday was just a week ago), unfortunately when the cable guy showed me the television had a crack right down the front, it was evident I would not be watching TV the first night in my apartment. I assumed this happened in transit from the Amazon warehouse to my front door.

In fact, when the TV was delivered by FedEx, it was simply left outside without anyone  waiting for someone to answer the door or to sign for anything.

But, Amazon took care of it immediately. I made a call to Amazon and a new shipment was sent the next day.

Once I got a new TV, we attempted to hook it up only to find out that the cable didn’t work!

The trials and tribulations of moving out on your own!