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Amazon Raising the Cost of Prime Up to 43% in Europe

| Mike O'Brien

Nearly six months after doing so in the U.S., Amazon is increasing the cost of Prime in the UK and Western Europe by up to 43%, as it too battles inflationary pressures and higher operating costs. German Prime members will see a 30% increase, with a 20% bump in the UK; Spain, Italy and France will see annual increases between 39%-43%.

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Walmart Lowers Guidance, Sends Shockwaves

| Mike O'Brien

Walmart like Target lowered its quarterly and year-end guidance, citing the continuing drag of overstocked inventory and shoppers focusing on lower-margin essentials and less on general merchandise. The scenario is causing a negative effect on pricing and profit, causing a hit to its stock and others in retail.

ecommerce fulfillment center

Is Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Ready for a Recession?

| Brian Barry

Building operational resilience and developing problem/solution scenarios for your ecommerce fulfillment center prior to a recession will allow you to be nimbler. Have a plan vs. just hoping it doesn’t occur; hope is not a strategy. Include department heads early, identify areas to review and develop a course of action.

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Consumers Scrimp for Back-to-School Expenses

| Mike O'Brien

More than a third of U.S. consumers said they plan to cut back on other spending in order to be able to shop for back-to-school items due to ongoing inflation concerns, according to the annual survey from Prosper Insights & Analytics commissioned by the National Retail Federation. More than half had started shopping as of early July.

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Ecommerce: 5 Tips to Manage the Back-Office

| Lucy Manole

Back-office is one of the most important functions of an ecommerce business. Accounting, finance, inventory, order fulfillment, shipping, vendor management and website updates contribute to building a strong back-office system. The back-office team handles these aspects, allowing the business to keep running smoothly.

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Prime Day Sees Modest Gain in Challenged Year

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon once again claimed that the latest Prime Day event was the biggest ever, with 300 million items sold and importantly, more than $1.7 billion saved by shoppers, as some observers had said ahead of the fact that deals weren’t all that spectacular compared to everyday offerings.

Google Facing Adtech Breakup Heat from DC

| Mike O'Brien

Google parent Alphabet is reportedly considering splitting up parts of its business that handle digital advertising into a separate unit, to avoid antitrust litigation from the U.S. Justice Dept. as part of an ongoing investigation, according to the WSJ. It’s not clear whether anything short of an asset sale would satisfy federal regulators.

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Ecommerce Market Share Gains Slip Slightly

| Mike O'Brien

After hitting a peak of 24% in the lockdown era of mid-2020, the ecommerce share of U.S. retail has slipped a bit but is expected to settle at 22% by year end, according to FTI Consulting, as consumer behavior has become entrenched even as stores have been reopened now for over a year.

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Navigating the Metaverse: A Magic Wand for Ecommerce

| Jason Hartsell

Now that technology has advanced further and skills are being acquired to deliver on past ideas and dreams, we are at a potential breakthrough point. We are in an exciting time of discovery, and everyone is racing to be at the forefront. Here’s my advice for retailers from within and outside the metaverse.

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Consumer Spending a Mixed Bag This Summer

| Mike O'Brien

Despite inflation fears, retailers are likely to see an increase in consumer spending this summer, with 61% planning to shop “holidays” like Prime Day, and 76% of them saying they’ll spend the same or more on the extravaganza as last year, according to data from Adobe Commerce.