In this corner…Title MMA

| MCM staff

Title MMA specializes in mixed martial arts equipment, fight apparel and casual clothing. The merchant gamely offered up its site as a contender for a

Optimizing Your Site for Bing

| P.J. Fusco

Bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine iteration, had 6% of the worldwide search engine market share upon its launch in May 2009. Six months later, Bing

Pure Play Sees Value of Direct Mail

| Tim Parry has been an online seller of action sports equipment since president Jim Bartlett founded the company in November 2005. But if the ROI on its two holiday season postcard mailing campaigns are as good as he thinks, Bartlett says he may go multichannel.

Live From NRF: Bing Building Better Maps

| Tim Parry

Tim Henderson, a business development manager for Microsoft, said his company has made strides with its map features that he hopes will make Bing Maps a choice of multichannel retailers.