March’s Biggest Ecommerce Gainers and Decliners During Coronavirus

| Mike O'Brien

What product categories are winning and which are losing in the midst of coronavirus? Some winners are obvious, like everyone’s favorite, TP, as well as cold and flu, food/beverage, personal protection and cleaning/sanitizing. To go deeper, Stackline compiled a list of the 100 fastest-growing and slowest-growing categories in ecommerce.

3 Ways to Thrive in a Changing Landscape

| MCM Staff

ON DEMAND WEBINAR – Join us for this live panel discussion to learn about the rapid growth of DTC selling, and how increasing shipping and logistics demands are compelling brands to go direct.

Amazon Adjusted Buy Box Algorithm, Rewarding Merchant Fulfilled Orders

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon has recently adjusted its “buy box” product search algorithm to favor items that can be fulfilled and delivered faster by sellers themselves over Prime eligible products offered through Fulfilled By Amazon, which are taking weeks vs. days, experts say. The change was noticed last week by sellers using Merchant Fulfilled Prime.

Prime Day Delayed Until At Least August Due to Coronavirus Issues

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon is pushing Prime Day from mid-July to sometime in August or later, Reuters is reporting, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, further impacting already distressed third-party sellers as restrictions on processing nonessential orders through Fulfillment by Amazon are just now being eased.

U.S. Ecommerce Sales Up 25% Due to COVID-19, E-Grocery Doubles

| Mike O'Brien

Driven by coronavirus impacts, U.S. ecommerce sales recently surged in a number of categories, with e-grocery sales doubling between March 13-15 compared to March 1-11, overall ecommerce sales rising 25% in the same comparison and BOPIS increasing 62% from a year ago, according to new data from Adobe Analytics.

How Is Your Ecommerce Business Adjusting to Coronavirus? Let Us Know

| Mike O'Brien

Reality as we know it has been interrupted. Our entire lives have been put on hold. And it’s not a great feeling. How has this impacted you? While you’re working from home, carve out a quick minute to answer this Multichannel Merchant survey: and share the effect COVID-19 has had on your business.

Coronavirus: Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart Walkouts, Workers Sick

| Mike O'Brien

While ecommerce was initially thought to be a boon during the coronavirus crisis, with stores and malls in lockdown, execution is proving to be anything but as a growing chorus of drivers and facility associates complain about the danger of exposure. Workers at Amazon, Instacart and Whole Foods staged protest walkouts.

Coronavirus Crisis Presents Greater Risk of Ecommerce Fraud, Experts Say

| Mike O'Brien

If nothing else, bad actors perpetrating ecommerce transaction fraud are clever opportunists, and a crisis like the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is proving a perfect opportunity for them to prey upon unsuspecting sellers and consumers, experts agree. The rise of contactless deliveries and working from home are among the entry points.