ACMA Survey Says Print Catalogs Still Important to Consumers

| MCM staff

Two out of three consumers who receive a catalog in the mail will peruse it, according to study by FGI Research commissioned by the American Catalog Mailers Association. Here’s why the ACMA says consumers still use catalogs as part of their path to purchase.

Postal Rates Up 2.57% in 2013

| Jim Tierney

Postal rates for standard mail flats will increase 2.57% effective Jan. 27, 2013, pending approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Brands Need to Reduce Operations Friction

| Jim Tierney

Reducing friction, which can lead to customer risk, cost time, aggravation, complaints, and negative word of mouth, is imperative for brands today. Find out how to reduce any potential operations friction.

Gold: Filson, Limited Edition Scarlet Cruiser

| Tim Parry

The outdoor apparel retailer looked to reinforce its brand heritage and quality by offering a limited, hand-numbered edition of an historic garment; sell through the production run for this limited edition Scarlet Cruiser coat. Filson