Realities of Datamining

| Scott Wisner

That’s where datamining comes in. The straightforward definition of datamining is that it is an automatic way to extract previously unknown information

Predicting that next purchase

| MCM staff

You’ve just purchased a Bonnie Raitt CD from online music seller CDnow. Immediately, the Website analyzes your needs, using information about other customers’

Pet peeved

| MCM staff

It may be hard to imagine the King of High Tech, Sharper Image catalog/retail empire founder Richard Thalheimer, steam-cleaning pet stains out of a carpet,


| MCM staff

Paul F. Robinson has been named chief financial officer of Stamford, CT-based PC Flowers & Gifts, an Internet flower and gift service. Robinson was formerly

Potpourri gets Back in the Saddle

| MCM staff

Potpourri Collections, the $35 million parent company of gift catalogs Potpourri and Expressions, and needlecraft titles The Stitchery and Counted Cross

A license to profit

| MCM staff

The Microsofts, Lotuses, Adobes, and other heavy hitters of the estimated $5.6 billion software industry don’t want you to sell software to business customers

A home run market

| Paul Miller

Just as consumer catalogers are riding high on the home decor-buying wave, some business-to-business mailers are benefiting from the home construction

Print & Production

| MCM staff

Instant gratification. That’s what consumers want in the ’90s, and catalogers aim to please. But for years, mailers have been hard-pressed to get their