SuperPages to Get Mom and Pop Googling

| Brian Quinton, the Internet yellow pages directory owned by Verizon Information Services has more small businesses looking to place pay-per-click (PPC) ads on relevant SuperPages search results than there are spaces for such ads.

Pitfalls and Potential Ahead for Search Marketing Industry

| Brian Quinton

The search industry still has growth potential, particularly away from the top tier in the local arena and in specific verticals. But to take advantage of those opportunities, search players big and small will have to do something substantive to settle their click fraud and search privacy issues, and will also have to find a way to make search marketing easier for advertisers.

For CafePress, Tags Are It

| Brian Quinton

Imagine for a moment that you want to market 25 million different products online. Now imagine that many of those products are timely items strongly linked to events in the news. Finally, imagine that you have to add almost a million new products a week to your line

Seven steps to SEM success

| Tim Daly

What with fluctuating bids, increased competition, and new technologies, conducting a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign becomes more complicated

CPAP wakes up to SEM

| Heather Retzlaff

CPAP Supply USA, which sells products for people with sleep apnea, is just over a year old. But the Richmond, VA-based company understands the importance