Seven steps to SEM success

| Tim Daly

What with fluctuating bids, increased competition, and new technologies, conducting a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign becomes more complicated

CPAP wakes up to SEM

| Heather Retzlaff

CPAP Supply USA, which sells products for people with sleep apnea, is just over a year old. But the Richmond, VA-based company understands the importance

Paying for clicks

| Tim Daly

Hundreds of companies have sprung up in recent years offering paid search engine marketing (SEM) management services, and with them, a multitude of pricing

SEM Top 10: Tame Your Affiliates

| MCM staff

Managed wisely, search engine marketing and affiliate programs can coexist peacefully. When the programs are left unchecked, however, many catalogers find themselves competing against their own affiliates, driving up their overall marketing costs, increasing their use of discount offers, decreasing their average margin, and possibly harming their brand.

SEM Top 10: Monitor Brand vs. Nonbrand

| MCM staff

One of the most important analyses a retailer can perform is the breakout of brand vs. nonbrand paid-search economics. As you drive your program to its target metric, evaluate its success excluding the effect of the sales and cost associated with sales on your brand.