5 Ways Contact Centers Can Use Web 2.0 Channels

| Lauren Ziskie

The voice of the customer has now amplified. This shift in consumer behavior does not signal the death of the contact center model, but an evolution in the way companies must address customer concerns. Here are 5 ways contact centers can connect with customers using Web 2.0 channels.

The Top 20 Contact Center Metrics for 2012

| Penny Reynolds

The three main stakeholder groups are pretty obvious. The most important group is, of course, is your customer base. The second group is the senior management team. And the third group is your contact center workforce. We

Ebags Brings Call Center to U.S.

| Jim Tierney

To better cater to customers looking for phone help, online handbags and accessories seller eBags has brought its call center to the U.S., Ebags, which had been using a services provider based in the Philippines, went with Peoria, IL-based Affina.

Redcats USA to Close Contact Center

| Jim Tierney

Multititle cataloger Redcats USA announced it will close its customer contact center located in Universal City, TX, on Dec. 18. Nearly 500 employees will be laid off.

Contact Center Shared Staff Arrangements

| Penny Reynolds

Some catalog centers with a busy seasonal holiday pattern look to local businesses that may slow down in the fall. Some recruit workers directly with great success from businesses that have a summer peak. You can choose to try to reach these potential staff with wide and well-timed advertising, or you can elect to go directly to the source and work with those businesses directly.