power shopper

Omnichannel Drives a Revolution in IT Architecture

| Ali Hodroj

Today, the omnichannel experience is the pinnacle of customer engagement. Retailers of all sizes are determined to offer an omnichannel approach, even if they can’t agree on what that means. See why omnichannel is important for your business and how you can be sucessful.

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Omnichannel Is The New Black

| Channie Mize

Data and big data are playing a major role in the buying process. It is helping retailers optimize margins, pricing and promotions that they run. While data analytics is a step in the right direction, customers today want omnichannel experiences. Here are ways you can give your customers these types of experiences to close the sale.

power shopper

Who Is the Power Shopper?

| Tim Parry

In this new video, Bala Ganesh, vice president of marketing, and Louis DeJianne, director of retail for UPS, discuss this important customer segment and how to meet their demanding requirements.