The Road to Personalization for Retailers

| Jason Fordham

Without personalization, brands often fail to leverage important contextual data, resulting in up to $5 million in lost revenue over just a few years. By implementing these five quick steps with these key targeted audiences, retailers can begin the path to personalization.

What’s Your Sign? Using Zodiac Symbols to Determine Messaging

| Tim Parry

Can someone’s date of birth determine what sort of messaging they will respond to? Alex Pratt, founder of direct-to-customer reading lamp seller Serious Brands, who is also the chairman of the CatEx Direct Commerce Association in the UK, says someone’s Zodiac sign could determine what sort of messaging they will respond to.

How to Provide a 5 Star Customer Experience

| Jordan Garner

To retain customers, drive repeat purchases, and continue to grow your business, you must provide your customers with a five star experience, every time they use your site or interact with your company. By implementing these five steps, your business will be on its way to building a loyal customer base, and driving sales.

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Service with a Hidden Smile

| Gemma Baker

Smiling is a great tool for call center staff, as it can make employees more comfortable. Our natural tendency is to stick with attributes that are familiar to us; smiling decreases this need and hence can help staff experiencing an uncomfortable conversation to handle it better.

4 Tips for Delivering a Richer Customer Experience

| Tara Sporrer

For online businesses or retailers, the lazy days of summer often pose an unfortunate reality – one that traditionally includes less attention from consumers and slower sales both online and in-store. Here are four tips to beat those late summer time blues for your business.

PetSmart Improves Customer Experience With Better Insight Into Customers and Pets

| MCM Staff

PetSmart partnered with Cognizant to gain better insight into its customers and their pets that promises to create a better shopping experience. Cognizant will empower PetSmart with better decision making by integrating operational store, campaign and other data to provide a single view of the entire data landscape. See what other ways PetSmart will improve the customer experience with this partnership.