The Long Way Home

| Jeff Morris

Is there a single U.S. merchant who hasn’t at least thought of importing goods from Asia? It’s cheaper than manufacturing at home, and the quality is

Finding your voice

| Larry Sweeney

Voice-directed work can provide a serious boost to productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction in distribution centers. How do you get the best

Getting DC Size Right

| Jim Tierney

No multichannel marketer wants to be stuck with a distribution center that’s too small. Excess capacity in a facility that’s too big is just as much of

An insider’s take on Asia

| MCM staff

I am not going to make any friends in the world of domestic warehousing and fulfillment with my comments about Asia in general and China in particular.

Conducting a culture scan

| Liz Kislik

Times are tough in corporate America, making jobs harder to get and keep. In times of economic uncertainty, it can be hard to keep employees motivated

Eyeglass Frames Maker Neostyle Opens U.S. DC

| Patrick Barnard

To keep a closer eye on its service levels, high-end eyeglass frames maker Neostyle has opened a new direct-to-market distribution center in Bradenton, FL, and is now handling U.S. distribution of Neostyle products on its own.

Are Your Call Center Supervisors Up to the Task?

| Penny Reynolds

A survey recently conducted by The Call Center School shows that more than 80% of supervisors and team managers in call centers today were moved into that position from frontline agent. While this promotion from within ensures that supervisors understand the call-handling process, care should be taken that the right agents are placed into supervisory positions.