Six steps to voice deployment success

| Larry Sweeney

Voice-directed work has been proven to significantly boost productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction in distribution centers. But such results are most easily realized when organizations simultaneously plan for the people side of a voice deployment. Here are six steps to start.

Q&A : Lisa LaFave, Vice President, UPS

| MCM staff

Lisa LaFave, vice president, UPS, shares her views on how operations and fulfillment personnel can make their supply chains more efficient, advancements in packaging techniques and material handling equipment, and how the healthcare industry can improve its supply chain…

Tips on Packaging Your Product

| MCM staff

Operations and fulfillment personnel have many issues to consider with respect to packaging. Not only is it important to choose the correct type of container to ship your product in, but also the appropriate materials and package testing are also essential elements in the process to make sure your customers are getting product that is undamaged.

Logistics Infrastructure Is Imperative for New Online Businesses

| MCM staff

For more than a decade, entrepreneurs have looked to the Web as the ultimate gold mine for starting a new business. While many early e-tailing ventures have gone by the wayside, entrepreneurs remain undaunted. Every day, they are launching new online businesses. And many of those ventures are succeeding.

Two “Can’t Miss” Sessions at NCOF 2008

| MCM staff

Nearly 20 years after its beginnings, the 2008 National Conference on Operations & Fulfillment (NCOF) continues to offer attendees a wealth of opportunities to benchmark themselves against competitors, share ideas with colleagues, and find new and exciting ways to improve operations, as well as their bottom lines.

The Ergonomic Effect

| MCM staff

Still not convinced of the benefits of ergonomic programs among contact centers? Many studies over the years have demonstrated the positive effects of ergonomics. Some are highly documented. Some are anecdotal. Here

Why is A Service Star

| Jeff Morris

If you build a company on the basis of service, you can branch into other areas, says Alfred Lin, chief operating officer/chief financial officer of the $850 million shoes merchant