The Ergonomic Effect

| MCM staff

Still not convinced of the benefits of ergonomic programs among contact centers? Many studies over the years have demonstrated the positive effects of ergonomics. Some are highly documented. Some are anecdotal. Here

Why is A Service Star

| Jeff Morris

If you build a company on the basis of service, you can branch into other areas, says Alfred Lin, chief operating officer/chief financial officer of the $850 million shoes merchant

Forecasting Call Center Workloads

| Bob Webb

Accurate forecasting is the most important component of workforce management software and call centers are inherently susceptible to the inaccuracies of call volume forecasting.

It’s NCOF Time Once Again!

| MCM staff

In a tough economy with rising costs of doing business everywhere you turn, smart retailers look to their colleagues and industry experts for that nugget of information

Operations is the Hub of Optimization

| MCM staff

Randy Strang, Vice President, UPS Customer Solutions, shares his view on the challenges facing today’s operations personnel, the role of third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and other critical topics that affect the supply chain.