The green monsters

| MCM staff

It’s not a great time to be a print cataloger, and I’m not even talking about postal rates and paper prices. Your business is under attack by environmental enthusiasts that want to help people get off your mailing lists.

IWLA Starts C-TPAT Compliance Program

| MCM staff

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) recently announced a C-TPAT compliance program for third-party warehouses. The IWLA says its program is based on security best practices guidelines it has developed; the guidelines have earned endorsement of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Talking Operations With A Touch of Class

| MCM staff

Rick MacDonald is facility manager for Huntingburg, IN-based home decor and cataloger Touch of Class, responsible for warehouse operations and maintenance, among other duties. MacDonald–also the son-in-law of Touch of Class president/CEO Fred Bell

The Case for Global Sourcing

| John Brockwell

“Is global sourcing really worth it?” For a variety of reasons, executives at many companies are reconsidering whether or not they should be buying products from international sources.

Measure for measure

| Dan Graville

The road to developing a successful metrics, measurement and benchmarking program starts very much like any successful plan in
that it has to have a champion

Is Search So Easy A Caveman Can Do It?

| Janel Landis

In the history of advertising, no ad vehicle has come so far, so fast, as
search engine marketing. To those of us who have been practicing SEM for
years, it’s amazing just how fast this space moves. Everyday there are new
challenges, increasing competition and new technological advances that
dazzle the mind.

More pickup for price hikes

| Jim Tierney

Unlike the current housing market of high inventory and falling prices, paper supply is going down and prices are heading up. Several mill closures and reduced demand are two key reasons why the cost of paper is escalating.

Tooling around on PTS

| MCM staff

Shopping for industrial tools online can be a major production especially if a site is not up to snuff. Production Tool Supply sells such complex items