| Linda Formichelli

So you’re good at fulfillment. Why shouldn’t you be? You’ve been shipping catalog orders for years, and you know what you’re doing. Then you open stores.


| Jim Tierney

If you waited until now to buy paper for your catalog, you might be in trouble. Prices have gone up, thanks mostly to mill closures and consolidation in the industry.

Hardly current service

| MCM staff

A Multichannel Merchant staffer placed an order for personalized labels on the Website of stationery marketer Current on June 3. She received an e-mail

Calculating the Cost of Contact Center Turnover

| MCM staff

What does it cost you every time you lose a valued employee? Have you considered all the factors (hard dollars, soft dollars, direct costs, indirect costs) you should include? If you haven’t, it will be difficult to assess which retention strategies will be profitable for you. The following is a list of costs you may want to include in your calculation.

Common Errors in Measuring System Performance

| Don Savage

When a warehouse manager suspects poor system performance, the first step is typically to check the real data. Unfortunately, more than 50% of the time, system performance is measured incorrectly. Data is only as good as the methods used to calculate it; if something is measured the wrong way, the results will be wrong. This may lead to the justification of system changes, or even an entirely new system, based on imprecise data.

Vendor Troubles? Request a Sit-Down

| MCM staff

No matter the amount of planning or communication upfront, there’s always going to be a problematic vendor who either ships you damaged goods or consistently ships you the wrong amount.