Awaken From The Customer Relationship Coma

| Kathleen Peterson

The word coma means deep unconsciousness which seems to be the state to which some customer care organizations have evolved. How this happens is a curious combination of submission, negligence, and just-plain burnout from the battles and demands customer care professionals often face routinely.

Avoiding Dead Air

| Mark Del Franco

As in broadcasting, silence, or dead air, is not golden on the telephone line. In fact, it’s anything but. And it can wreak havoc in your contact center, especially among newer customer service representatives.

E-learning Pays, Part 2

| MCM staff

This week, the authors take a look at how e-learning increases the value of the call center to the company.

Why Continuous Slotting Is So Critical

| Don Savage

Anyone would agree that slotting–the ideal placement of products in a warehouse–has an enormous effect on the productivity of a distribution center. In a typical picking system, it can mean the difference between 60 and 200 lines per man hour pick rates.

How Receiving Affects the Supply Chain

| Sam Flanders

This series investigates what might happen if you think outside of the warehouse box and consider how changes made outside your distribution center may end up benefiting your operation and saving you money. Here are three tips to improve receiving.

Shopping for a 3PL

| MCM staff

Timeliness of deliveries, product condition, order accuracy and vendor compliance all affect customer satisfaction and ongoing profitability. When a company begins underperforming, improvements need to be made. The choices include making distribution improvements through process, technology and/or management modifications, or contracting with a third party logistics provider.

It’s August. Are You DPV-Compliant?

| Jeff Stangle

So, what is delivery point validation, how is it affecting mailers, and what can they do to keep their mailstream costs down? This is info you need to know, since the regulatory chance went into affect today.