Survey Says: DC Slotting Pays

| MCM staff

Though efficient slotting practices have been shown to reduce labor hours and operating costs in the distribution center, a recent survey from Raleigh, NC-based Tompkins’ Associates’ Supply Chain Consortium reveals that less than a quarter of surveyed firms use slotting optimization software.

USPS May Revise Slim-Jim Specs

| Jim Tierney

Catalogers considering switching to a slim-jim format to save on postage costs might want to put those plans on hold. The U.S. Postal Service will begin to test a variety of booklets

Live from NCOF: Tips for Effective Incentive Programs

| Mark Del Franco

Schaumburg, IL–The good news about incentive programs is that they work. According to Rick Blabolil, president of consultancy Marketing Innovators and a presenter at NCOF on Tuesday, an effectively structured incentive program can increase performance 44% in teams and 25% with individuals.

Live from NCOF: Brownie Throwing, “Survivor” Style

| Mark Del Franco

Schaumburg, IL–The way to an audience’s heart is through their stomach. That may be why David Kravetz, cofounder of Phoenix-based marketer Fairytale Brownies, emerged victorious from the popular session “50 Ideas in 50 Minutes: Fulfillment ‘Survivor’ Style,”

A Few Thoughts on Process Improvement

| MCM staff

A benchmark is a standard or point of reference used in measuring factors such as quality, productivity, service, or cost. Benchmarking, therefore, is the process of comparing an existing business process with internal or external benchmarks in order to