Al Gore Speaks at IRCE

Content Manager

Former Vice President of United States, Al Gore came to speak at IRCE in Chicago this week where  he told attendees that the internet and ecommerce are the fastest growing industries of the world.  He told attendees they ought to think globally, no matter what industry they are in. 

“The global mind which is made up of the internet and the collection of networks,” he said.

When I heard Al Gore was speaking at IRCE, I learned he was the director at Apple Inc. During his talk, he was dynamic, humorous and a pleasure to listen to.  He expressed his excitement for the internet and the changes in ecommerce.

Gore told attendees that the global mind is shipping all the information around the world.  There are seven billion people in the world and two billion of these people are in the global middle class. There is simultaneous growth, in 12 years the two billion people in the global middle class will become four billion. 

“If you keep on your toes and innovate properly, the opportunities are boundless,” Gore said. “We already have one-and-a-half billion smartphone users, mobile phone users are five billion people have regular access to mobile phones. “

The number of Android and iOS in China just surpassed the number of the U.S. Some of these other economies don’t have the same characteristics the U.S. does, Gore told attendees.  

“Ecommerce is almost seven-and-a-half of the total economy in the U.S.,” Gore said.  “There has never been a business like this one.”

Gore told attendees that “We have to take the responsibility to make the world a better place. We are all connected to one another.”