Marshalls to Launch Ecommerce Site

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Late to the ecommerce game, Marshalls is launching an online store later this year, its parent company, TJX Companies Inc. announced during its fourth quarter earnings call.

“Our strategy with our site will be similar to our successful approach with,” said TJX Companies President and CEO, Ernie Herrman during the earnings call. “We plan to operate a differentiated mix online, similar to how we differentiate our stores.”

Herrman said its strategy is to maximize multi-channel engagement and drive incremental sales.  The company also has plans to rebrand its Sierra Trading Post to Sierra.

Herrman said a high percentage of its mix is differentiated from online versus what’s in the stores.

“We find that is the number one reason that we can get an incremental build off of the business and not have cannibalization or lose visits to the store because we look at it as complementary and we want to be very complementary,” said Herrman.

Herrman said a large percentage of its returns online go back to the stores, so the company encourages cross-shopping.

“Conversions, customer awareness, returns to stores, conversion rates have been healthy for us,” said Herrman. “All of these learnings we’ve had in terms of build customer awareness and building incremental trips to our stores, we’re going to apply that to Marshalls.”

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