More Payment Options Will Increase Global Sales Online

Ecommerce retailers need to break out of the conventional payment molds, such as traditional credit cards for payment plans, if they want to see a boost in online sales in the international market, according to a recent post by

Although a majority of American-based shoppers are generally comfortable using a major credit card to shop online, it is not always the case for international shoppers, according to the post.

South America, the post states, is an emerging market for online shopping but consumers in this area “are especially hesitant to reveal their credit card information while buying or purchasing products online.” Consumers there are looking for additional payment options in order to complete their purchase, ZippyCart said.

In fact, by offering additional payment options on your site, “the more likely your customers, especially global shoppers, will be to complete the purchasing process,” the post said.

Even though major credit cards and PayPal have become the standard for most American shoppers, international shoppers are looking for a more localized payment experience. In Africa, according to the post, shoppers want to pay through a mobile device called M-Pesa.

Other preferred payment options found all over the world, according to ZippyCart, are PayPal, PayPal’s Bill Me Later, Amazon Checkout, Google Checkout, SagePay, Secure Trading, NetBanx, and WorldPay.

As the post points out, the number of online buyers is going to continually be on the rise and experts are predicting that shopping online will soon be the international norm. So, by offering a variety of local and international payment options on your ecommerce site, you are increasing customer satisfaction and most likely increasing your web sales.