Voice Shopping: The Next Ecommerce Frontier?

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Voice shopping may be in its infancy stages as a channel, but consumers are increasingly relying on AI-powered devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant (and Google Home) and Microsoft’s Cortana. For this reason, retailers need to be ready to tap the power of what’s come to be known as “conversational commerce.”

While voice assistants have mostly been used to date for general queries on topics like music, movies and the weather, it will only be a matter of time before voice shopping becomes a way of life for consumers.

According to a blog post by ChannelAdvisor, these digital assistants are hyper-convenient gateways to the internet capable of creating new shopping experiences via mobile phone, tablet or connected TV.

For instance, ChannelAdvisor noted how smart TVs bring a visual aspect to shopping when connected to a voice-activated digital assistant. Two examples of this are Alexa’s TV integration and its Echo Show, a digital concierge that provides live assistance throughout the buying journey.

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