Walmart Revamps Ecommerce Site

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Walmart is launching a new ecommerce site in May that promises to add a new look and feel to the overall online shopping experience.

Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart U.S., said in a press release that the site will bring a more human element featuring relatable photography and real-life moments.

“Our goal is to make it compelling for customers to shop for whatever they are looking for – whether diapers, laundry detergent or a new dining room table,” said Lore.  “We’re also expanding our color palette and adding fonts to bring more vibrancy and depth to the site.”

Another change Walmart is also adding more local touches throughout and personalized elements to most of its homepage.

“We’re introducing a new section that showcases top-selling items in the customer’s location – this area will also feature a customer’s local store profile, including availability of services such as online grocery, order status and Easy Reorder, which lets customers easily repurchase the items they buy most frequently in stores and online,” said Lore.

Walmart is also introducing specialty shopping experiences. While they have already launched home specialty experiences, in the weeks to come, the company will introduce a new destination for fashion featuring bold imagery and seasonal stories.

“We want each category to feel like you are shopping a specialty store and we plan to build these specialty experiences for other categories starting later this year,” said Lore.

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