3 Tips In Aligning Demand and Content

Content Manager

The perfect pairing for marketing engagement is demand and content.  Content is a multi-faceted strategic approach and a critical offering in engaging key audiences.  Pairing content with product promotions helps drive evangelism, according to an article on eloqua.com.

Content drives event attendance and builds community.  Positioning content with demand generates efforts.  Marketers can better define and target suspects, prospects and provide meaningful engagements to support their research and discovery processes.

Here are three tips on aligning demand and content, and define reach and engage prospects:

1. Expand your view of the content audience – Your content audience isn’t just people who might buy your product.  Content needs to appeal to anyone who may be a consumer or share the brand.   Think about industry influencers, thought leaders and key publications or blogs that would find value in the content.  Keeping them plugged into your content launches and empowers them to spread the word.

2. Define goals and parameters – The ultimate goal for content is to collect information on people you don’t know and additional information on people you do know.

3. Deliver content across a wide marketing mix – Expand the net for enhanced engagement metrics, such as downloads; click-throughs; attendance and time spent with content.  Think “infotainment” and engagement by sharing infographics, informative video, and progress to case studies, demonstration videos, product comparisons and more.

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