Bump Boxes Leverages AI for Its Marketing Campaigns

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Bump Boxes, an ecommerce subscription box brand for pregnant women, has seen huge success with its AI-enhanced marketing campaigns, launching Facebook and Instagram campaigns in minutes, decreasing ad spend by 50% and increasing purchases by 25% in two weeks.

Pattern89 analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every ad Bump Boxes has ever run, comparing those dimensions to billions of data points from other advertisers.

“Bump Boxes wants to find pregnant women in the highly competitive subscription box space, and wants to stand out from competitors,” said R.J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “AI finds those windows of opportunity and takes advantage of them.”

Leland Deehring, co-founder and CIO of Bump Boxes, said AI allowed the brand to reduce its cost per acquisition and drive incremental revenue, dramatically improving its marketing efforts.

“This software has allowed us to turn off marketing that wasn’t performing, whether it was creative or copy fatigue or market changes, allowing you to get ahead of that,” said Deehring.

Deehring said one of Bump Boxes’ challenges was time management to optimize ads. Since using AI, he said the brand has been able to see what works from a copy, image and call-to-action standpoint. “I think AI challenges our assumptions and our gut in retail decision-making and validates our gut,” said Talyor.
Talyor said Bump Boxes can employ AI-based testing seasonally and allocate budgets accordingly. “AI does the hard work and figures out what the opportunity is,” he said.

Deehring added using AI has also freed up resources for Bump Boxes, allowing it to use time that would have been spent optimizing ads on other priority projects.

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