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Catalog Age’s 2005 Operations Benchmark Report

Catalog Age’s 2005 Operations Benchmark

Catalog Age’s Benchmark: Marketing NEW 2005 STUDY!

Catalog Age’s 2005 Benchmark: Marketing

Catalog Age’s E-Commerce Study

Catalog Age’s 2004 E-Commerce Study

Catalog Age’s Benchmark: Lists and E-Lists

Catalog Age’s 2004 Benchmark: Lists and E-Lists

Catalog Age’s Benchmark: Production, Print and Paper

Catalog Age’s 2004 Benchmark: Production, Print and Paper

Catalog Age’s Benchmark: Merchandising

Catalog Age’s 2004 Benchmark: Merchandising

Catalog Age’s Critical Issues & Trends

Catalog Age’s 2004 Benchmark: Critical Issues & Trends

Catalog Age’s Benchmark 2003: Database

Catalog Age’s 2003 Benchmark 2003: Database

The State of Search Engine Marketing 1.0 — New Strategies for Successful Cataloging

“The 2003 State of Search Engine Marketing 1.0 — New Strategies for Successful Cataloging”

Catalog Age’s 2002 e-Marketing Survey:

Catalog Age’s 2002 e-Marketing Survey:</</h3>

From order-taking to returns, this report covers key benchmarks for all aspects of operations. Data points include mean call abandonment rates, use of computer telephone integration, order fulfillment times, backorder rates, and return levels, broken out by company type (consumer, b-to-b, and hybrid) and size.

When Catalog Age last conducted its Benchmark Survey on Marketing in the fall of 2000, the economy was just beginning to show a few cracks. With the study, conducted in Nov ’02 — as consumers are hopeful of a recovery, and the study conducted in ’05 — you’ll discover the latest trends in marketing methods, from Market Research, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and International.

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This study provides data on a variety of e-commerce resources and capabilities that multichannel companies devote to the online channel. You’ll learn which departments run the online catalog; how much is invested each year on site maintenance; what user information is collected and for what purpose; percentage of sales that’s generated online; and much more.

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The industry and the economy have changed dramatically since Catalog Age conducted it’s last Benchmark Report on Lists in July of 1999. This report details the list trends in BtoB and consumer cataloging, from list management, to hygiene, name acquisition, e-mail marketing and more. Discover the trends that will effect your business through this survey of upper level catalog, marketing and and list management subscribers.

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The dramatic change in the economy since Catalog Age conducted it’s last Benchmark Report on Production, Print, and Paper two years ago, has made it’s mark on the way catalogers design, print and produce their catalogs. View what they are both currently and planning to do as this report details their trends in design, size and page count, digital preparation and proofing, printing (including the use of CTP), photography, paper purchasing and much more. Plus, order the article that analyzes the study served up by the expert editors at Catalog Age and discover the industry trends over the past few years.

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This Benchmark Study on merchandising trends from Catalog Age takes an in-depth look at the buying patterns of products by both consumer and b-to-b catalog marketers. Respondents explain their sourcing trips (both nationally and internationally), their buying time, their favorite sources, volume, manufacturing time, and how they analyze their product lines. This is a must-have study for anyone looking to market to this dynamic industry.

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Discover what the most important business issues are to catalogers today, in this year’s exclusive annual study and analysis from Catalog Age. Find out how pressing concerns such as distribution costs, postal rates, competition, and presentation rank in the overall worries of a catalog marketer. Plus, see the trends in customization, email marketing, budgets and finances and more.

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In this year’s bi-annual benchmark report on database marketing, you’ll discover what catalogers are spending to maintain their customer databases, how catalogers are using them, and what the trends are in customer information collection.

EXCLUSIVE–Special Introductory Offer!

This report will provide you with the concepts, principles, application and results of search engine marketing applied to the catalog/e-commerce industry. Marketers will gain competitive intelligence regarding the search visibility of leading catalogers and learn what best practices to implement as well as which mistakes to avoid. The report covers:

  • How consumers are adapting their shopping behavior around search
  • Which search engines matter most to catalogers
  • How search economics compare to catalog economics
  • Results others are seeing
  • Which search engines are most and least catalog-friendly
  • Differences between keyword bidding and site optimization
  • Case study interviews with leaders eBags and search marketing pioneer Brady Corporation/Seton
  • Comparisons of apparel cataloger performance against retailers like Target, Kohls, and Amazon
  • Application of best practices to Grainger, Sears, Lands End, and others
  • and much, much more!

If you’re a catalog executive who needs to increase sales, cut acquisition costs and expand reach, or an ecommerce manager considering a website redesign, this newly released report from
Netconcepts, in association Catalog Age is a must-read.

Web marketing has come a long way, baby, since Catalog Age conducted its first electronic marketing survey in June 1997. In this sixth annual report, discover what catalogers are doing now on the web, what technologies they’re employing, and how they’re finding and keeping customers.

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