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If you’re looking to personalize communication with your customers, sending batch-and-blast emails simply won’t work. Consumers want personalized, relevant messages based on what online retailers know about them, but often don’t get them.

Business Insider reports that only 22% of consumers say they’re satisfied with the level of personalization they receive. This is a huge opportunity to not just stand out in the inbox but to get repeat business and convert people who abandoned their cart.

Segment, Personalize to Drive Repeat Business

As an ecommerce seller, you’ve likely collected customer data as basic as their location and birthday, or as in-depth as their purchase history and buying interests. Each data point can be used to create specific customer segments based on the data and inferences you can make.

Personalization for Your VIPs: Use purchase history and spending data to target your best customers using a personalized email. Give them first looks at new products, using engaging subject lines to drive opens like “Exclusive for Our VIPs.” Use language and graphics that gives them an insider feel.

Target by Interest for Repeat Purchases: To grow an ecommerce business, you need lots of repeat buyers. Using purchase history data, marry customer interests with similar products you offer. Determine product recommendations and then personalize outreach by inviting customers to take advantage of a special offer. Clearly state that you have identified other products they’d be interested in based on previous buys. Use a conversational tone to make them realize you recognize their specific interests.

While a promotional email is likely the first initiative most online retailers think of when it comes to product recommendations, other key opportunities are often overlooked. Shipping software can let you add product recommendations to any step in the shipping process. Whether you add them immediately to a confirmation email, in a delivery follow-up email or on the packing slip, there are unique opportunities to increase orders without any extra work.

When customers feel like you understand them, you turn them into repeat buyers because you’re creating a deeper relationship. Couple that with high-quality, relevant emails on a regular basis and you’ll create lifelong customers.

Automate for Personalization

The term “automation” often conjures up images of complicated programming, arduous workflows and tech support nightmares. This isn’t necessarily the case. Many marketing automation technologies make it as simple as a few clicks.

The idea of automation for personalization seems like a disconnect. Some view automation simply as “auto” and what feels personalized about that? But when it comes to one of ecommerce’s biggest challenges – the abandoned cart – just one more line of communication can convey personalization and possibly save a lost sale.

Abandoned Cart Emails: These are a powerful automated marketing tool. Yet according to a recent study by Oracle, only about 4% of retailers are sending emails to cart abandoners. As a business owner, this makes little sense. You’ve already invested time and money to get a consumer to checkout. Just because they leave doesn’t mean you should stop selling.

There are many reasons people abandon carts but the top one is unexpected costs such as shipping. Following up within five hours, with one hour being optimal, lets you offer them free shipping, a coupon or even a simple reminder to complete their purchase.

A few key elements to create high-converting cart abandonment emails:

  • An impactful, attention-getting subject line
  • Product image(s) of what was abandoned
  • A call-to-action button that takes them directly to their cart
  • Recommended products based on the item(s) left behind.

Bringing consumers back to complete the purchase keeps them engaged and shows you’re paying attention, which is key in personalization.

Building Better Relationships

Personalization doesn’t have to be complicated, and the dividends can be lucrative. Even better, you’ll create stronger customer relationships and drive repeat sales that will keep your business thriving.

Katie May is CEO of ShippingEasy

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