Leveraging Buying Intent Data to Turn Visitors into Customers

The folks who browse your website, particularly those who visit repeatedly, are displaying a high degree of interest in your business. They’re almost ready to buy from you but have not yet completely made up their minds. This is why retargeting ads, which remind shoppers to return to your site, are the fastest-growing form of online advertising.

While browsing data is a strong signal of buyer intent, it is not being utilized to its full potential because digital advertising is a weak direct response medium. After a visit to your site, retargeting stalks a shopper across dozens of other sites. Unfortunately these ads usually go unnoticed. In some cases the ads are even blocked, completely wasting the browsing signal.

But today you can apply browsing data to a much stronger advertising medium: Direct mail. The common myth is that direct mail is dead, or at least dying. The fact is that 80 billion pieces are sent each year in the U.S., and those numbers have been steady since 2009. U.S. businesses spend more on direct mail advertising than they do with Google. In fact, rather than killing direct mail, the internet is revolutionizing it.

In a free Multichannel Merchant webinar on Tuesday, May 24 at 2 p.m. ET, Larry Kavanagh, CEO of NaviStone, will use retail case study examples from Touch of Class, DHC Beauty Products and Bavarian AutoSport to discuss how buying intent data from shopper browsing gives you access to a group of prospects that big data companies can’t sell to your competitors. Join us to learn how this will allow you to beat competitors to the mail box and gain a unique source of new customers.

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