The Scope of Your Inhouse SEO Solution

SEO IS NOT A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL SOLUTION. Some organizations may have a large SEO staff, with individual teams focusing on different areas of expertise. For other companies, the SEO duties may be handled by a single specialist who wears a variety of hats. Your particular SEO needs will depend on two factors: the size and complexity of your website, and the competitiveness of your market.

Put simply, more web pages means more work for your SEO manager. Each additional page requires keyword research and headline and title selection, as well as meta description text. As the number of pages grows, the website’s hierarchy becomes more complex, requiring additional site architecture maintenance. Larger websites also require extensive link-building efforts.

The complexity of the underlying ecommerce platform also comes into play. With complexity come constraints and inflexibility, which equate to more staff time required to accomplish what could have been done quickly on a more nimble ecommerce platform. A single SEO specialist might be able to handle all of the above tasks on a smaller site. A larger, more complex site will likely require additional hands.

Competition also determines how much SEO effort is required. If your company is engaged in a market that is hypercompetitive, you stand to gain a lot of benefit from successful SEO. But achieving that success will be much more difficult.