What is a Widget?

Single-Panel Brand Badges are the Most Straightforward Widgets from a Usability Perspective and are Frequently Copied and Pasted by Bloggers to Promote their Affinity With Web Sites or Brand Names. Elements of a Brand Badge May Include:

  • Your brand name and logo with an easy link back to the core e-commerce site
  • Your customer’s identity linked back to either an enriched profile page or to data served via the widget, such as a wish list
  • Featured product images and names linked back to their product detail pages
  • “See more” or “see all” call to action links
  • As space allows, a search box and links back to top-trafficked channels like “new arrivals,” an online ad circular or catalog, or your store locator
  • Unique analytics campaign code embedded in all URL strings to track the link origin easily through your analytics provider