How Grocers Are Handling Coronavirus and Exploding Store/Online Demand

While most of retail is in the doldrums, with even ecommerce operations shutting down due to coronavirus concerns, grocery chains are seeing explosive growth, and e-grocery has been accelerating rapidly due to fears of close human contact. Many grocery retailers had already been focusing on ecommerce growth, investing in the front and back end, but no one envisioned a crush of panicked buyers and hoarders.

So how are retailers working to manage through a global crisis? And how will things look differently on the other side in the trifecta of people, process and technology? We sat down for a virtual chat with Scott DeGraeve, COO and co-founder of Locai Solutions, and Doug Baker, VP, industry relations at FMI, the food industry association, to find out what they’re observing among their membership and customers in the industry.

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