Moss Bros Expands Internationally and Accepts Global Omnichannel Payments

Moss Bros is a leading UK formal menswear brand, established in 1851. In early 2013, the business sought to expand its digital footprint and revenue both domestically in the UK, and internationally, across multiple channels including desktop, mobile and mobile point-of-sale.

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Moss Bros’ existing payment service provider could not deliver the global reach and functionality to match its ambitions, so the business began searching for a new payments technology solution to accompany its website relaunch. Ultimately, the key reason Moss Bros chose to partner with Adyen was that the payment platform provided integrations with all potentially interesting local payment methods in international markets.

Moss Bros initially adopted the payment platform as a payment gateway in the UK to coincide with the launch of its new ecommerce site. This rollout had an immediate impact on revenue, tripling the conversion rate and driving a 209% growth in total online revenue in the UK in the first year.

Following the successful UK launch, the business embarked on an international online expansion with sites in Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, followed by an Australian site in early 2014. To ensure maximum convenience for its customers, the business offered targeted payment methods in relevant markets. For example, the company used iDEAL in the Netherlands, where approximately two-thirds of Moss Bros’ current sales are now made through iDEAL.

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Moss Bros also disabled 3D Secure for locally issued cards in markets in which 3D Secure leads to increased abandonment at the checkout stage. This has resulted in increased conversion of up to 20% in some markets.

Mcommerce Rollout and Results

Moss Bros also launched a mobile-optimized site in May 2013, supported by the implementation of one-click payments, a functionality that makes repeat purchases as fast and frictionless as possible for shoppers. In just over one year, the site has quickly grown to the point that 10% of the company’s online sales are now on mobile devices.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) Rollout and Results

A particularly interesting aspect of Moss Bros’ omnichannel strategy is an initiative to roll out tablet-assisted POS payments in its retail stores. If a customer sees a product that isn’t available in their size or is not stocked in that store, there previously would be a manual process where the item would be ordered from stock and delivered to the relevant store for the customer to pick up.

Since rolling out the new solution, if an item is not in stock, customers can use a custom-made app on an in-store tablet equipped with the Adyen point-of-sale terminal (a chip and PIN payment device) to pay for the product immediately and have it delivered.

Following successful multimarket and multichannel rollouts, Moss Bros is now planning further international ecommerce expansion with the payment platform to France, Germany, and the US.

Brian Kelly is Principal at Candlewood Creative, and a contributing writer for Multichannel Merchant.