OverstockArt.com Launches New Online Catalog

Content Manager

OverstockArt.com has launched its 2015 summer art catalog. The new online catalog showcases a line of hand-painted fine art productions and is the latest addition to the retailer’s multiple online resources, according to a press release.

“Our mission at overstockArt.com is to make shopping for art into a rich and fun experience, we achieve this by removing all the doubts from the buying process and enriching shoppers with a great shopping experience and ultimately a magnificent piece of art for their space,” said David Sasson, CEO of overstockArt.com.

Sasson said using a digital catalog gives the company the opportunity to create more seasonal versions without the expense and waste of creating print versions. “It also allows our catalog to be more current and up-to-date with our selection, so customers can see new products as soon as we start carrying them.”

The catalog designed for online and mobile use and is highly interactive, allowing users to zoom in and out on the art, view product descriptions, and see more images by clicking the “orange plus” link on each painting. The full-color catalog has links to all products featured in the print version, and the mobile version turns into an easy-to-use flip book.

It features more than 500 oil paintings divided into art collections, canvas prints and an upcoming “Artist Become” collection, as well as a selection of museum-quality frames. It can be viewed via desktop, tablet and mobile and in the home décor section of Catalogs.com.

OverstockArt.com has invested heavily in mobile apps to help customers visualize the art on their wall prior to the purchase.