Using Big Data to a Customer’s Personal Advantage

Content Manager

What do you do with all that data you have? Are you leveraging the data to provide a personalized shopping experience?

Today, retailers are able to look at their customers holistically, which enables them to experiment with innovations to improve the overall shopping experience. The impact of combining in-store and online data will make this a critical business requirement for brands’ personalization efforts.

Brands can leverage data from their loyalty programs, since it has proved profitable for retailers. Retailers should use all the data they have about customers to drive the personalized experiences and enhance the online customer experience.

The programs will drive both immediate sales and lifetime value, and brands should use VIP behaviors and habits to create specifically personalized experiences for customers as they hop between the physical store, phone, website and mobile devices.

Since VIP customers want and expect a brand to know them, and they respond to customized and relevant interactions across multiple channels, retailers that embrace multichannel personalization will likely see consumers establishing a deeper emotional connection with their brands.

Matthew Hardgrove, director of marketing for home improvement and decor retailer Home Click says Home Click is using big data to personalize the customer experience by finding pain points and sweet spots in conversion for average customers and utilizing emails to send messages at the right time with the right offer. The retailer is also giving recommendations based on visit and purchase habits.

Hardgrove says that while the company is still in the early stages of seeing the effects of its data, it is seeing higher open, click and conversion rates on emails than they have in the past.

“Email is attributing to a higher percentage of overall revenue toward our business than ever before,” says Hardgrove.

Hardgrove says they have done small A/B tests in the past that proved to have large impacts, even just a simple subject line test. Testing subject lines, he explains, helps all other conversion metrics like clicks and conversions.