DMA Releases Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

The Internet Marketing Advisory Board of the Direct Marketing Association has released its best practices for online advertising and affiliate marketing networks. The five standards:

1) Obtaining “assurances” that the network is fully compliant with all state and federal laws as well as with the DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.

2) Conducting due diligence on prospective partners, such as asking for a list of all other sites that are eligible for participation and reviewing processes “to limit access to unwanted sites or channels.” The guidelines also advise obtaining a sample list of the networks’ current clients.

3) Requiring signed contracts.

4) Including “specific parameters that must be employed to determine placement of your online ads in written agreements. Altering of offer by an advertising or affiliate network is prohibited. If laws, guidelines, or set standards are violated, your contract with the violating advertising or affiliate network should be terminated.”

5) Routinely monitoring ad placements and the terms of your contract.