FreshAddress Launches SafeToSend Email Deliverability Solution

Email database service provider FreshAddress has announced the release of its SafeToSend Deliverability Solution. A three-pronged approach to improving email data quality, SafeToSend confirms whether an email address is valid, corrects mistyped entries, and screens for toxic email addresses.

The service helps companies and organizations improve email deliverability rates, dramatically reduce blacklisting and blocking issues, and drive revenues. It is available via either real-time cloud-based API or batch processing, depending on client needs.

SafeToSend reduces spam complaints, eliminates bounces, and flags toxic addresses for removal through a three-step process:

Step 1: Check each address to confirm the account is valid and available to accept email utilizing proprietary algorithms and the company’s knowledgebase of confirmed undeliverable addresses and email address specific activity (e.g. opens, clicks, etc.)

Step 2: Correct typos, syntax errors, format issues, and millions of other input errors using “spell-check for email” technology

Step 3: Protect client databases from damaging (but deliverable) addresses including spamtraps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, role accounts, disposable domains, bogus addresses, and malicious entries

Damaging addresses can enter marketers’ databases through poor email hygiene practices, malicious activity, or inadvertent registration errors. Inactive addresses also can be designated as spamtraps by anti-spam organizations, leaving email marketers vulnerable to blacklisting if they neglect to correct, update, or remove bouncing emails at regular intervals. SafeToSend protects emailers from these toxic addresses by referencing its extensive and ever-growing knowledgebase of harmful email addresses and domains.

Available as either a back-end or a front-end solution, SafeToSend helps rid email databases of bouncing and harmful addresses – and keeps those addresses from entering email files in the first place.

As a back-end solution, clients transmit flat email address files to FreshAddress via FTP for processing. Clients can also implement SafeToSend as a real-time cloud-based service, allowing them to screen email address registrations in real-time, blocking invalid or toxic entries and providing users with corrections for faulty entries – all at the point of registration.

The real-time application integrates with any web-based application including registration forms, POS systems, and web-enabled call centers. Simple out-of-the-box “cut and paste” API integration allows companies to begin using the service with minimal upfront investment.