Gold Award, Gifts Under $75: Harry and David, It’s Not Too Late 2002

“The title says it all,” noted a judge. “‘It’s not too late,’ which suits this last-minute sales effort.” Add in a nice balance of color contrast, just enough copy, and the promise of a free gift, and it would be hard for any frenzied holiday gift shopper to resist opening this winning catalog from Harry and David.

Inside, one of the catalog’s key strengths is its attention to customer service. As one judge said, “Harry and David are the pros.” Another judge added that Harry and David has a way of making customers feel at ease. The unlimited guarantee is backed by the promise that should any problems arise,“we’ll make it right,” though you get the feeling that nothing will go wrong. The easy-to-use order form further reinforces Harry and David’s dedication to service.

At just 32 pages, this edition is a pared-down offering compared with some of the more comprehensive catalogs Harry and David mails throughout the year. Nonetheless, “it is impressive that they are able to have such a robust assortment of gift items in stock and ready for immediate delivery so close to the holidays,” said a judge. Indeed, with gifts ranging in price from $19 to more than $350, this catalog can satisfy all age groups, budgets, and needs. And with some items marked “new” in red, the catalog sends the message that while this is a selection of last-minute gifts, they are certainly not leftovers.

As always, when it comes to photography and product presentation, the panel agreed that Harry and David is “tops.” “Tightly cropped shots show how just a few carefully chosen props can complement the product line,” explained one judge.

And finally, Harry and David provides its customers with superior copy. The description of its Red & White Snowbird Tree begins “Songbirds of brilliant crimson and snowy white perch freely on our fresh Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. Fully decorated on arrival, these fragrant living trees make a magical accent for a child’s room, a guest room or party table…” Although the copy romances the products, it also provides important facts such as quantities and sizes of items. As one judge said, “Working with the photography, the copy takes advantage of what’s shown to augment the text.”

Harry and David’s It’s Not Too Late edition succeeds on all levels — from appealing merchandise to outstanding creative presentation to convenient customer service. For the last-minute holiday shopper, receiving this catalog in the mail must be like getting an early Christmas gift.

Bear Creek Corp.
2518 S. Pacific Hwy.
Medford, OR 97501

Company founded: 1934
Director: Estin B. Kiger
Designers: Michelle Jovanovic
Production director: Neal Schuler
Merchandiser: Denise Tedaldi
Copywriter: Marcus G. Smith
Photographers: R. Anderson, E. Groetzinger
Marketing director: Mike Zodrow
Color separator: AGT/Color Control
Printer: Spencer Press
List manager/list broker: American List Counsel
Cover paper: 60 lb. (International Paper)
Text paper: 50 lb. (International Paper)
Trim size: 6-1/8″ × 10-7/8″
Number of pages: 32