How service fits in with Paul Fredrick’s culture

Men’s Apparel Cataloger Paul Fredrick Understands Both its Brand and its Customers’ Needs. The company sells fit; clothes that fit the customer’s body, style and budget. The emotional benefit it provides is confidence: Customers are confident in how they look, even if they require an unusual size.

As such, the corporate culture at Paul Fredrick is all about accommodating the customer. To that end, the merchant goes the extra mile to support customers, even with the small things. On its Facebook page, Paul Fredrick offers fashion tips and provides information such as how to tie a tie.

And instead of order takers, the marketer employs “fashion advisers” who are trained on every aspect of the fit and style of their product line. Paul Fredrick does not clock its calls, but encourages reps to accommodate customers, no matter how long it takes.

In the call center, every shirt, tie, pair of pants or shoe is close at hand. This allows experts to help select the right tie for the right shirt. “Fred,” the onsite mannequin, is dressed up in every possible combination, so fashion advisers are ready for any question.

Because fit is so important to the brand, Paul Fredrick never charges for shipping on exchanges. In fact, fashion advisers are coached to encourage customers to let the merchant know if an item doesn’t fit. Paul Fredrick understands the art of accommodation because its brand has become an innate part of its culture.