Live From the Lenser Summit: A Few Bytes on Blogging

San Rafael, CA–Although Lenser is still learning its way around the blogosphere, the company is hoping to get its clients on board with the tactic. What should budding bloggers keep in mind?

For one, posting to a blog is very similar to writing copy for the Web, according to Lenser partner Michelle Farabaugh. You have to make posts short and punchy.

“A long blog is bad–people won’t read what you have to say if it’s long,” Farabaugh said. “It should be something that you can write, and your audience can read, in the same amount of time as you would check your e-mail or call your girlfriend.”

Frequency and the use of keywords and phrases are also important to blogging success. The right combination of the two will help convert a blog from a sounding board into a form of search engine optimization, Farabaugh said.