overstockart.com Releases New Ecommerce Site

overstockArt.com has launched an ecommerce website that has replaced its 12 year-old flag ship online store. The new custom online art gallery went live a week ago and and has already given the company a huge boost.

The store has been in development for almost two years and has been fully integrated into all facets of overstockArt.com business.

The big shift to the new platform launched last week was timed perfectly a month away from the busy holiday season.

The premise of the shift to a new platform came in order to improve operations and improve the way the art and frames are displayed to customers, giving them a better feel for the art and an easier way to gauge the way the art will look on their wall.

Overstockart.com’s previous solution, did not do its oil paintings justice, with this new website, customers have a better feel of how the art actually looks like and everything is much more intuitive and easier to browse and shop for art.