Rakuten Acquires Webgistix for Undisclosed Amount

rakuten-logo-global-cropIn an announcement made during the IRCE conference in Chicago this week, Hiroshi Mikitani, chairman and CEO of the global marketplace Rakuten, said his company has acquired Webgistix for an undisclosed amount of money.

Joseph DiSorbo, founder and CEO of Webgistix, said in a press release, “Now Webgistix and Rakuten together will expand our capabilities to provide exceptional service to merchants and consumers, empowering and helping them to achieve their goals.”

According to the release, Rakuten now offers ecommerce and internet services to over 25 countries and territories.  It previously acquired Buy.com here in the United States, Priceminister in France, Ikeda in Brazil, Tradoria (now Rakuten Deutschland), and Play.com in the United Kingdom.

Mikitani said in the release, “Every step of the customer path to purchase is important, especially when the process takes place electronically. Webgistix ensures that fulfillment processes are carried out successfully at the most pivotal point of each ecommerce order, where digital services meet physical services.”