Statlistics Forms “Strategic Alliance” with L.I.S.T.

List management and brokerage firm Statlistics has recently joined forces in a “strategic alliance” with L.I.S.T. Incorporated and L.I.S.T. Westchester, according to a press release issued by Stalistics.

Though the release says details of the arrangement have yet to be disclosed, it did clearly state that L.I.S.T. Incorporated and L.I.S.T. Westchester will move from Armonk, NY to Statlistsics’ Danbury, Ct headquarters, and that the lists managed by List Incorporated L.I.S.T. Westchester will be marketed under the Statlistics banner.

Statlistics will provide L.I.S.T. Incorporated and L.I.S.T. Westchester with a full suite of traditional resources in addition to support with emerging technologies including mobile, social media, and digital opportunities.

L.I.S.T. Incorporated is focused primarily in the b-to-b marketplace as well as the high tech arena offering Statlistics their expertise in an already bustling area of business.