Week in Review: Sears Goes Back to the Future

1024-sears-meet-with-an-expertSears has introduced “Meet With An Expert,” a “free and first-of-its-kind service” that improves the home appliance shopping experience by connecting online shoppers with knowledgeable associates in store.

It seems fitting that Sears made this announcement on October 21, 2015, which was “Back to the Future Day.” Because back in 1985, I could walk into a Sears store, go to the appliance department, and talk to a knowledgeable salesperson about my refrigeration needs. Without an appointment.

Because back in the 1985s, stores were staffed. With salespeople. We had these things called “telephones” back then, and you didn’t even need to use those to call a Sears appliance department and ask to meet with a salesperson. You just walked in – that’s how it happened!

One could say this is revolutionary – you find the item you want, you click and schedule an appointment, and you meet with that expert to learn more. That part is pretty revolutionary. But at the same time, the customer should be able to go in and meet on their time, not at a time that’s most convenient to the bare-bones scheduling of a Sears store.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Omnichannel does not work when retailers refuse to staff their stores at an inadequate level. Stores rely too, too much on the in-store digital experience at the expense of knowledgeable human salespeople, and it only leads to frustrated customers who will bring their loyalty elsewhere, and disenchanted store employees who will look for a job elsewhere.

Yes, retailers, your penny-pinching ways is saving you a lot on labor costs. But that also leads to free negative word-of-mouth campaigns that will haunt your brand.

Back to the Sears news… Maybe Sears should have hired Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to reprise their Back to the Future roles, complete with the DeLorean, to make this announcement a big splash. But alas, Sears Holding Inc. is losing money hand over fist in 2015, and doesn’t seem to have that kind of cash available.

Maybe someone should go back to 1985 and warn Sears and Roebuck about Eddie Lampert.

– Intro by Tim Parry

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