As 3PL Demand Grows, Partner Selection is Critical

Consumers may focus on curbside pickup, speed of delivery, trouble-free returns and seamless experiences, but retailers and brands face heightened fulfillment challenges, leading many to embrace outsourcing to third-party logistics (3PLs). And getting it right is essential. For them, selecting the right 3PL can lead to lower cost per order, better focus of management time, smoother scaling during peak holiday season, lowered capital investment in facilities and systems, reduction of time-to-customer, reduced shipping costs and easier distribution of international orders. This special report dives into the trends and drivers, outlining important decision factors when considering a 3PL partnership.

You will learn:

  • UPS Report CoverAbout trends in outsourced fulfillment
  • How tight commercial space is leading to a “fulfillment land grab”
  • About the differences between a 3PL and a 4PL provider, and when each makes sense
  • About the key elements of a winning 3PL partnership

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