Capabilities, Adoption Growing for Ecommerce Fulfillment Robots

While many question rosy projections like that of ABI Research, calling for 4 million warehouse robots in 50,000 locations by 2025, no one doubts that use of robots for ecommerce fulfillment is trending up. The entry point for ecommerce companies is now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of multiple millions, and can be scaled up as needed. The state of the art in terms of capabilities is advancing rapidly, and companies often see an ROI in less than two years.

In this MCM report you will learn:

  • MCM Special ReportAbout the different types of fulfillment robots and their functions
  • About the leading players and the coming market consolidation
  • About the impact of robotics on fulfillment center labor issues
  • About the kinds of results companies are seeing from implementations

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