How to Prepare the Right Agents for Your Customers

When customer service representatives are getting bombarded with upset customers, the reps themselves tend to start getting upset themselves. When you are looking to hire contact center reps, that’s part of an expectation you need to set.

Here are three key takeaways from this article by Flavio Martins, VP of Customer Support at DigiCert on

  1. You need somebody level-headed in the position who will be friendly and fair, to be firm on policy but understanding of the customer’s concerns.
  2. Having the right customer service reps in place will mean the difference between whether you have more satisfied customers, higher workforce morale, and a bigger bottom line.
  3. If you hire a rep who takes customer gripes very personally, they’re probably going to become quite unhappy over time and either quit their job or lash out once they’ve had one too many sour customers.

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