3PL Ruby Has Launches DTC Consortium

Ruby Has, a top third-party logistics provider, has launched an industry consortium aimed at helping both direct-to-consumer merchants and those providing support services to share expertise, resources and best practices aimed at benefiting all.

Among the 100-plus charter members are Brooklyn, NY-based DTC jewelry brand Ana Luisa and ecommerce platform firm Linnworks.

To learn more about this initiative, its membership and objectives, Multichannel Merchant caught up with Esther Kestenbaum Prozan, President of Ruby Has.

MCM: What is the purpose of the consortium? How did it come about?

Prozan: The DTC consortium was designed to be a platform bringing together the major aspects of our industry and facilitate higher-order thinking, content and sharing among its constituents. It’s not something we are monetizing – we charge no one to belong, nor do we accept advertising. There are no dues or fees or revenue sharing, and access to DTC members is not a product we’re selling to vendors who want to get in front of them.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a Ruby Has client or partner to belong, to benefit or to be invited to contribute your thinking and leadership. This platform leverages our position at the epicenter of the industry, and it’s our view that intellectual generosity will be good for all.

MCM: Who are the charter members, and from what categories/disciplines?

Prozan: The founding membership includes many DTC brands, big tech companies, major big-box retailers, major marketplaces, funding/finance companies and more. Every aspect of DTC ecommerce enablement is represented at the senior management levels. We want to provide a comprehensive environment whereby DTC brands can be exposed to the important thinking and resources that matter most to them.

MCM: What are the initial plans as well as short/long-term objectives?

Prozan: We are currently establishing our executive council as well as topic- and vertical-specific councils. Additionally, content is very important to us and involving the community in the generation of that content will be key. Ultimately, this will be a platform where important thinking specific to DTC will happen and include events, education and more. In the near term, we will have areas of focus around peak season as well as the post-pandemic landscape for DTC.

MCM: How will your learnings and outputs be shared?

Prozan: When lots of smart, experienced people converge on topics that are top of mind for an industry, good things will happen. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We have always thought that one key way to grow is in large part by growing the pie for the industry at large. We’re here to work not only in the industry but on the industry to make it better for all. We are all interdependent.

There will be original articles by the consortium as well as invited authors, panel discussions, webinars, surveys, education, networking opportunities and more.